Unshaped fire-resistant products

  • thixotropic masses to all specifications and qualities, as required
  • free-flowing masses to all specifications and qualities, as required
Spray masses
  • hot repair
  • shotcreting products
Tap hole masses

Ramming masses
  • all qualities of plastic ramming masses
  • batts

Shaped fire-resistant products

Refractory bricks for all applications
  • insulating bricks
  • lightweight refractory bricks
  • fire bricks
  • bauxite bricks
  • andalusite bricks
  • corundum bricks
  • magnesite and chrome-magnesite bricks

Any shape of pre-cast components to your specification including moulds
  • pre-dried and tempered up to 500ºC
  • moulds
  • manufacture of single-use and reusable templates


Casting moulds and other foundry supplies

Sintering cylinders

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