SIKA - Flex-I-Therm®

Electrothermal drying system

Electrothermal drying

SIKA – Flex-I-Therm®

Drying process
  • a) & b) conventional c) electrothermal
  • Drying safety
  • Reproducibility
  • Improved quality
  • Energy saving

Drying safety
  • Different drying process: from inside to outside – halving drying time
  • Moisture moves in the same direction as the temperature front
  • Temperature controlled through temperature gradient
  • Drying process appropriate to component
  • Progressive drying process
  • Structural component can be lined whatever the outside temperature

  • Programmable control
  • Quality-related drying
  • The structure decides how it is to be dried
  • Temperature measurement within the component
  • Planning security throughout the drying process
  • Independent of the point of delivery
  • Independent of the shape and size of the component

Improvement quality
  • Control of dry-out temperature
  • Even drying conditions
  • Replicability of heating curves in the component
  • Drying process documented throughout (ISO 9000)
  • Use of cement-free compounds possible
  • Fibres not required

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