Modes of delivery

Modes of delivery
  • casting
  • ramming
  • torcreting
  • shotcreting
  • electrothermal drying and firing incl. ISO documentation

Refractories for plant an transfer vessels
  • refractories for insulation
  • abrasion resistant brick
Cladding with fibre materials in lightweight constructions
  • modular techniques incl. various types of fastening
  • fixing fibre-reinforced mats and boards
  • fibre spraying

Other Services

  • tud welding technology for all types of anchoring systems
  • fire resistant engineering
  • preparation of thermal transfer calculations
  • commissioning of equipment
  • technical advice
  • mechanical clearance work
  • specialist company authorised to carry out acid-proof installations in accordance with WHG §199 (German water resources legislation)
  • production support in casting operations
  • steel construction

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